The National Canine Cancer Foundation
Presents The 4th Annual
Gulliver's Run
Sunday, November 6, 2016

As we continue to grow each year and our cause becomes better known we constantly meet more people and their families who have been touched by the specter of canine cancer. “Gulliver’s Run” enables people to have a sense of fighting back against canine cancer through their participation in our trail run. This year, 2016, is our fourth undertaking and we are very pleased to be able to continue with this event, founded as our way of fighting back against the disease which claimed our friend Gulliver in 2013.

The trails at Gifford Pinchot State Park are always pleasant and peaceful, especially so in the fall when the leaves change and a sense of the approaching solitude of winter hangs in the air. Our course also holds a special meaning for our mission in that the trails of this race were actually used by Gulliver during a lifetime of daily runs.

“Gulliver’s Run” is a great way to celebrate life and the joys of sharing your time and activity with your favorite canine pal! Each year I am approached by new people who share their stories and their memories of time spent with a four-legged friend who sadly was taken by some form of canine cancer. We usually both unashamedly end up with some tears on our cheeks! (Absolutely no apology is needed or offered.) Which is another reason why “Gulliver’s Run” is such an important event, it allows us to remember our departed friends while at the same time gives us cause to celebrate the now of our lives with our current canine buddies.

Last year there were over 170 different dogs present at “Gulliver’s Run” with at least 147 of them participating with their human friends and families by either running or walking! “Gulliver’s Run” is most assuredly a family event, and that is part of our goal, to make the day enjoyable for all who join us!

So please consider coming to the 4th Annual “Gulliver’s Run” on Sunday, November 6th, 2016! We start at 10:30 am. There will be lots of special awards for dogs and their families, in addition to the usual race awards for runners and walkers. Many of our special awards are custom-made pottery items—with a canine theme, of course. There is also the “Hobie Award”, presented to the dog and family that best exemplifies the spirit of “Gulliver’s Run”, and the “Gulliver’s Challenge” Trophy awarded to the veterinary practice that raises the highest donation for the fight against canine cancer. We have plenty of food, music, canine health information, and really, really great raffle items. Pet blessings are available as well as pet photos from our special friends Debby and Nate.

Pre-registration is recommended, but race day registration available, although shirts and sizes will be limited. The other premium choice is an event hat, of which there is an ample supply. Fees are $25.00 up to September 26th and $30.00 after that date. Our race packets have some great goodies in them, for both dogs and people. We are considering offering our specially designed commemorative sweatshirts again this year. If interested email the race director for details

We are proud to remind everyone that all of the funds raised at “Gulliver’s Run” are donated to the National Canine Cancer Foundation and are applied 100% to research and treatment that directly impacts the fight against canine cancer. Together We are the cure! Thanks for your support!


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