For those of you who may not know me, my name is Kyle Stevenson, and I am a practicing small animal veterinarian at The Animal Doctors in Watertown, NY. In June of 2015, I lost my very best friend, Potter, to an aggressive, heart-based cancer. In a matter of two devastatingly short weeks, my life was completely turned upside down, and my own heart felt completely shattered.

Potter’s absence is still profoundly felt four years later, and I have learned that grief truly has no timetable. I spent months after losing him wondering how I could have missed what was going on. I felt like I had failed my very best friend . . . both as a dog mom and as a vet. I was not able to protect or heal him.

I created Paws4Potter during the fall of 2016 in part to help manage this grief. I was hoping that, by spreading awareness for K9 cancer, I would be able to create something good out of something so horrific.

Paws4Potter became incorporated in the spring of 2017 and achieved 501-c3 nonprofit status on June 27th, 2017.

My mission with Paws4Potter is to help raise awareness for pet cancer in our local and regional communities and to help raise money for pet cancer research and education through the National Canine Cancer Foundation. A small amount of our fundraising dollars remains with Paws4Potter to help fund local and regional educational events. Hopefully, someday, we will see a sharp decline in the number of pets who are lost to this devastating disease.

For more information on Paws4Potter, please check out our website at paws4potter.com or “like” Paws4Potter on Facebook! or check us out on Instagram!

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